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Brella provides the world’s smartest event platform for events with the heart in networking. We have digitally transformed thousands of events across 60+ different countries worldwide. Our customers are the thought leaders in their respective industries, like Google, Microsoft, AT&T, Informa Knect365, Ernst & Young, Qualcomm, IBM, TechCrunch, Techstars, Hubspot, Ericsson, and The Linux Foundation, among many others. Founded in 2016, Brella’s headquarter is located in Finland.

Product Team

The product team at Brella incorporates design, front-end, and back-end engineering, quality assurance, and project management. Our team is based in Helsinki HQ and also in Jyväskylä. The design team is working from Helsinki HQ. 

Why join Brella & our product team? 🚀

  • Brella stands out from its competition for its advantage of good design and user experience. We understand that design is a core part of the business. 

  • A designer at Brella has all the autonomy they need to research and guide the product in the right direction.

  • Our product team works in an Agile way. We believe in the motto -Build, Test, Repeat. We iterate over various solutions to test out our assumptions.

  • Everyone in the product team is always eager to learn and never shy away from exploring ideas to make the user experience great!

  • We have a positive culture of ownership that enables our designers to create an impact on our customers and business by shaping the product in the right way.

  • You would have a unique and challenging opportunity with one of the fastest-growing startups in Finland, a truly global and diverse team.

  • You could design your workday yourself. We offer flexible working hours and great office facilities in the heart of Helsinki (Kamppi).

A day in the life of a designer at Brella:

  • Working on OKRs (Objective - Key Results) assigned to you and making sure that the designer, developer, and the product manager are in sync with what you are working on.

  • Talking with stakeholders to identify the problems and also understanding the 'Why' better.

  • Balance your designs between business needs, customer needs, and user needs.

  • Going through the design process from identifying problems to research, insights, brainstorm, and iterating on solutions.

  • Creating a world-class product from research to fine-tuning pixels to listening to feedback.

  • Participating in every phase of the development process from concepts to release.

  • Building a design system and design processes with the team as we scale.

Do these define you as a designer? 

  • 4+ years of hands-on experience in designing software applications across platforms Web, Android, and iOS

  • A user advocate who has strong visual design skills to create a state-of-the-art UIs

  • Strong design process and understanding of good design methodologies as well as design frameworks.

  • Comfortable to work fast in design tools Adobe XD, Figma, Framer, etc.

  • Someone who understands that humans can be biased and can constructively work to go past that.

  • Knowledge of lean product development

  • Generalist attitude and good team skills

  • Ability to manage and work on multiple features concurrently

  • Ability to design projects across the entire product lifecycle and multiple product launches

  • Designing products that fulfill both business and user needs.

  • Excellent English skills are a must, as it's our internal working language

Bonus Skills:

  • Strong animation and video editing skills

  • Experience creating and maintaining design libraries

  • Icon and illustration work

  • Knowledge of coding technologies and GIT

What to expect from our recruitment process ♻️

Before making any further decisions, you’ll meet:

👋 Our Lead Product Designer Raunaq. He’ll tell you more about our awesome Design team and our exciting growth plans.

👋 One of your potential future colleagues. So you get a glimpse of our way of working. 

👋 Our Head of Talent & Culture Hanna. She’ll tell you more about our Brella culture & values.

Do you want to influence Brella's future and grow with us?

Click here to apply through The Hub!

Thumbs up for the perfect match! 👍

For more information or questions please contact us at

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