Improve your corporate event ROI - Part III

Jonathan Strutt Content Marketing Strategist at Brella 1 year ago

In the final part of our corporate event ROI series, we'll discuss how you can help sales qualify leads faster!

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Take a data-driven approach to marketing & sales alignment.

Allocadia found that a full 70% of B2B marketers aren’t fully aligned with sales, meaning both you and sales – and your organization - aren’t working at full potential.

And for events, it’s vital that you get the most out of your investment.

To do that, consider event tools that provide the data points needed for better marketing and sales alignment: facilitated networking software.


Qualify leads faster

Did you know that event prospects are 60x more likely to convert if you follow up within one day of initial contact?

Don’t wait with those post-event surveys or emails. It’s important to act while the emotion is highest.

After all, your prospect has just had an amazing time. Why wouldn’t they want to listen to your offer?

However, the trouble comes in qualifying leads as fast as possible. Information needs to be added to your database,  then analyzed and interpreted before you know who to follow up with.

CMO Adobe found that event prospects are 60x more likely to convert if you follow up within one day of initial contact.

Forbes suggests one strategy: defining a specialized sales-closing strategy for events. Ask yourself questions like:

  • How do event prospects get to closed won?
  • Where and how do we find prospects?
  • What is their buyer journey after our event?

To maximize your conversion window, it’s imperative that sales and marketing coordinate on a strategy that finds prospects before your event and gets them through the pipeline as soon as the event is over – preferably, even before.

Networking software can help you and your sales team make decisions right on your event floor, ensuring you’re aligned and following your strategy.

Ensure success with tech alignment

When you implement a networking platform for your event, your delegates join and prepare to network (we’ve touched on the benefits of networking here and here).

Aside from ensuring higher engagement rates and greater satisfaction, your delegates mark their business interests to help them find the most relevant people to meet. People like your sales reps, perhaps?

Maximizing your conversion window means coordinating on an event strategy with sales to get prospects through the pipeline as soon as the event is over.

You may think your delegates don’t want to hear sales pitches, but don’t worry – they WANT to learn more. 79% of B2B buyers said attending events or classes prior to a purchase was important (and they also reported a likelihood to buy more after attending).

And 88% of those same buyers say live meetings with sellers are important, so why not make the most of that opportunity?

Networking software makes it a breeze for your sales team to identify potential leads based on their interests (easy qualification), then meet face-to-face when the emotion is highest (easy opportunity).

79% of B2B buyers want to attend events or classes prior to a purchase, and 88% of them say live meetings with sellers are important.

Generate more ROI at your event

The easiest way to attribute more ROI to events is determining which clients bought because of your event, or even at your event.

Networking software helps you:

  • Align with sales on an event strategy,
  • Determine and qualify leads before the event, and
  • Enable sales to meet leads face-to-face and convert them

The ROI of meeting in person is powerful. Now, it can be quantified.

Download your corporate ROI report from Brella now!

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