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Jonathan Strutt Content Specialist at Brella 1 year ago

As event technology improves and becomes more accessible, more attendees will become used to it.

But does this mean every event needs event technology?

There are many factors to consider when implementing event technology, and many questions to answer. Does it fit your theme? What about your budget? How difficult is it to implement? How quickly can it be set up? Is on-site support required or available?

The answers to these questions will vary depending on the technology you use.

However, we recommend taking a step-by-step approach as you try event tech. Instead of drowning your event in technology, feed your event drop by drop.

This has many benefits:

  • You see the real value
  • Your attendees have time to adjust
  • You have fewer problems to deal with if something fails

But which event technology is the best to try first?

You might have already guessed our answer: networking tools, of course.

Why a networking tool?

Generally, an event networking tool is easy to adopt and is available on both mobile devices and desktops. There’s no need for sophisticated gadgets or a heavy investment from your attendees. They either check out the web-app or download the app on their phones and go from there.

Also, costs can be lower, making it the perfect start to implementing an event tech budget. Finding new, valuable and interesting connections is definitely the main reason for event attendance in today's world. A networking tool will save you a lot of time as an event organizer. Instead of planning icebreakers, focus your time on more important things.

Networking tools are also great ways to improve ROI for you, your attendees and your sponsors. Attendees and businesses measure leads obtained or verified as one method of ROI or closed sales as another.

Imagine a two-day event for a business employee. Their average deal size is $4,000, and it takes about 5 meetings to close one deal. If they have 15 meetings that’s an average return of $12,000 – just from your event!

By helping them network effectively, you take luck out of the equation and give them the best chance of meeting the right people for their business.

For your sponsors, they’ll gain greater visibility at the event. They can meet with potential customers and verify leads they may have missed otherwise.

Giving your attendees and sponsors great returns makes the decision to come next year a no brainer. Who wouldn’t want to return to an event they made $12,000 at last year?

It also encourages the use of event technology. Starting your attendees out on a simple tool empowers them and makes them more accepting of tech at later events.


Not all tools are made equal, and not every tool suits each event.

As well, some tools take networking to extreme ends of the spectrum. Some tools don’t give your attendees enough information or features to find and meet the right people. Others give attendees far too much information, or actually match the attendees themselves.

That saves time, sure, but it takes the human aspect away from the networking. Technology can put people together on paper, but we need to make our own decisions based on our intuition.

Look for tools that give the attendee the right amount of information and the proper setting to book meetings with people they want to meet. Tools should enable possibilities, not limit them.


We love networking and connections. They’re the most important part of events, not to mention life in general. We thrive and survive on interaction with others.

That's why we believe networking tools are the perfect first tool for your events. The best ones are non-intrusive and simple to use and implement. Networking at your event doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful for your attendees, so make sure the tool you use reflects that.

As well, it’s a great way to prove that event technology can be worth it for your next events, either to yourself or to a superior. It eases your team and your attendees into the different options available for events.

People come to your event to network. Enable them and watch them come again to see all the new things you have next year.

Interested in implementing networking software at your next event?

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